Łukasz Makuch

Łukasz Makuch

A software developer who’s really into automata-based programming.

Was called a minimalist a minimal number of times.

Enjoys street photography.

Likes books. Loves sunlight.

Turned vegetarian.

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Endpoint Imposter

Scalable, stateful, declarative, platform-agnostic API mocks.

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A visual automata-based programming framework for writing functions of state and action.

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A Snabbdom module to protect against Virtual DOM injection attacks.

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  • What do birds and software testers have in common?
  • Applying visual automata-based programming to user interfaces
    •  Berlin
    •  2019-07-18
  • The common language used by business people, designers, writers, and developers
    •  Berlin
    •  2019-05-09
  • Visual automata-based programming and user interfaces
    •  Cochabamba
    •  2018-01-26
Rosmaro mascot

Automata-based programming

Automata-based programming is a programming paradigm that puts emphasis on states and transitions from one state to another.

When a visual editor is used to create the state machine, it becomes visual automata-based programming.

Rosmaro is a visual automata-based programming framework written in JavaScript. It comes with a visual editor.